About Social Light Online

It’s not hard to sympathize with the frustration people and schools across the globe are starting to feel when they realize that Facebook isn’t just for catching up with your old high school friends, and Twitter isn’t just for telling people what you ate for lunch. Suddenly this whole “social media thing” is leaving the platform and you’re scrambling to get on board!

Marketing is no longer a matter of sending a few lines of text and a fat check to the Yellow Pages – it’s a dynamic monster that’s directly tied into every moment of your life. Social Light Online is here to help you turn that raging Hulk into a smart and efficient Bruce Banner. Based out of Orange County, California, Social Light Online helps to bring you and your institution out of that cave and into the digital light.

Social Light Online:

  • puts the light on your business
  • lightens your workload
  • lets you be the socialite

Taking the first step into the digital foray can be a daunting task for a many, and Social Light Online specializes in guiding you through the process:

  • Just want a Facebook page? No problem.
  • Want to cross-promote your Twitter and your YouTube? Can do.
  • Need a blog built and integrated with regular status updates? Don’t worry!
  • Want someone to run everything, including audience building and reputation management? Look no further.

Social Light Online is here to help you, whether you’ve never owned a computer, or you find yourself spending so much time networking digitally that you’ve forgotten to actually do your job! (It happens!)

Socializing your business is what Social Light Online does. And relax, taking the next step together is gonna be rad.

About Brent Warner

Brent Warner is the founder and CEO of Social Light Online, a social media management and consulting agency which focuses on educational institutions and technology. Brent has been a pioneer online, sustaining himself through college as the publisher of a massive online e-zine (this was back before websites were dynamic). He hand-coded travel journals for bands like Death Cab for Cutie (back before there were blogging platforms). He also had a pretty good stint as a popular food blogger in Japan.

Brent has spent his adult life in education, meeting people from around the world and learning what makes them tick. He has traveled to over two dozen countries, became fluent in Japanese, and learned a thing or two about life along the way. Brent realizes that companies are nothing without the people behind them.

With his keen observation skills, his online savvy and his passion for teaching, Brent decided to combine these skills to help people learn how to navigate the tricky waters of the web. When he’s not teaching in one form or another, he’ll probably be caught snapping pictures looking for “the perfect shot.”