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This is what we’re dealing with

Buddy Media has released a crazy visual chart of how complicated Social Media has become and it’s only going to grow from here. Have you even heard of most of these services? To be honest, it’s a bit of a trick and you don’t need to know all of these [...]

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Facebook buys Instagram

The web is abuzz today with news that Facebook has acquired Instagram. While some are excited, others are already bidding adieu to the popular photo sharing website. I personally lie somewhere in the middle. While I’m apprehensive about what Facebook might do, I already share my Instagram photos on Facebook and [...]

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How to Delete Facebook Pages Profile Pics

So if you’re trying to manage a business page on Facebook, you might have found yourself trying to update a profile picture multiple times only to see a mess of pictures that you don’t want everybody to see. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t exactly make it obvious how to clear out the [...]

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