Facebook buys Instagram

Facebook gets instagram

The web is abuzz today with news that Facebook has acquired Instagram. While some are excited, others are already bidding adieu to the popular photo sharing website.

I personally lie somewhere in the middle. While I’m apprehensive about what Facebook might do, I already share my Instagram photos on Facebook and amongst a lot of other sites (check out my shots @shootlearnshoot (^_-)b)

A lot of experts and pundits will be expressing their opinion, support and outrage over the next few days – but I’m just going to look at good old Flickr.

When Yahoo acquired Flickr back in 2005, the same type of reaction came pouring out. The reality is – nothing really happened. Flickr continued to be a pretty good photo-sharing service, regardless of who owned it.

Potential Eye-Opener:

One thing that I’m really interested in is if Social Media Managers and the companies they represent will finally start to see Instagram as a very powerful way to integrate their brand into their customer’s lives. While Pinterest is all the buzz, Instagram has been steadily (and recently with the android release exponentially) growing and growing with nary a peep about Social Media integration.

Photographers are of course taking advantage of it (but not as many as should), but why aren’t more companies? Are customers coming in to your shop and trying out your products? Why not ask them if you can snap a shot of them testing it out? New t-shirts on the rack? That stylish couple that comes in will probably model them for free while they’re trying them out in the fitting room. Run a school or institution? Geez – don’t even get me started.

The possibilities are really endless – photo sharing has long been one of the most popular ways for people to interact on Social Networks, but everybody’s ignoring the elephant in the room! I personally check my Instagram more often than any other Social Network because I love seeing what shots people are coming up with.

Facebook acquires Instagram? Yeah, fun to talk about – but what are you going to do about it? Figure out Instagram and you’ve figured out a great way to interact that you’ve ignored until now.