Facebook Groups for Schools

Facebook recently announced a specialized version of Groups – made just for Schools.

Groups for Schools are made specifically for active faculty and students to use Facebook to stay in touch. This probably spells doom for a lot of universities that are trying to develop their own private Social Networks, but on the other hand, very few have managed to be successful – perhaps they just have to make the switch to the platform where everybody already is.

Unfortunately, there are some shortcomings – if you don’t have an active .edu account at your school, you can’t get in. That may help keep out prying eyes from unregistered students, but it also serves to block access to alumni – remember that group of people who are donating to the university?

Regardless, I’m sure this will be of great use to a lot of schools, teachers, and students to really get tied in. The list of rules and regulations are pretty strict, so take a look for yourself (facebook.com/help/groups/groups-for-schools) - but if you’re in school or if you ARE a school, I hope you’re on this!