How to Change Facebook’s Group Cover Photo

So you may have noticed that Facebook rolled out a new “Cover Photo” option for their Groups.

If you go into your group, you’ll notice that there is a strip of photos of some of your group members, as such:

BUT, if you want to change it, you might be wondering how. It’s pretty easy – here’s how you do it.

First, make sure you’re an Admin of the group. If not – sorry, you’re out of luck for now.

Next, hover your mouse over the picture on the right:

See that box on the right? That’s what you want to click:

Next, choose your file. You’ll want the picture to be 805 x 200 pixels, but be careful not to put important info in the bottom strip of the picture. The bottom 30 pixels or so get “covered” by the opaque bar. So, choose your picture and upload it:

Don’t worry, if your picture is too big, you can also drag it around right in the image editor. Then click on “Save Changes”

You’re done! Pretty straightforward once you find that hidden little box at the beginning.

Hope this helps – it probably won’t be too different when Facebook rolls out Cover Photos for Pages. If you make a good creative cover photo, let me know!


  • Aceteleman

    Don’t work, I get no icon hovering over the picture and I am the group owner/admin…. If FB would quit messing with and changing their damn codes everyday some of the things might work right once in a while…. What a piece of crap FB is…..

  • tenzing

    if we have already changed the cover photo of group n can we change it with others, i got trouble with that help me out.

  • Truc

    not ok :( i changed group cover foto but it changed my own cover foto, being crazyyyyy

  • t.linelis

    very useful!! thx

  • hahahha

    i have no icon that shows upload photo :( (