How to remove Trending Videos on Facebook

Recently you may have noticed facebook taking another step to squeeze out the personalization of facebook and turn it more into a marketing tool than a social network.

So it is with Trending Videos and Trending Articles. Essentially this is the facebook equivalent of spam, placed conveniently in the top of our wall feeds.

What if you don’t like or want these? My guess is that anyone over the age of 15 doesn’t want more spam in their life. So here’s a quick way to clear it up:

When you see the trending video, hover your mouse over it, and a little “X” should show up in the corner, like this:

Simply click on that “X” and you’ll get a dropdown menu:


With the dropdown, you’ll get 3 choices:

  • Hide this post
  • Mark as spam
  • Hide all from _________

I’d recommend starting with “mark as spam” as that will automatically put it on facebook’s “filter” list. There are usually about 3 trending videos, so when you go through the process the 3rd time, then click “Hide all from ______” as they’re usually from the same company trying to push whatever dumb video they think you’re interested in.

That should be it. Not the most ideal, but it’ll get you through.

Note that there are a couple of scripts out there that you can install, such as Facebook Purity as a greasemonkey add on, but I have no idea how safe or trustworthy they are. I’m personally going to wait a bit on that until there’s some more solid news. Facebook Purity promotes itself by linking to reviews in the Washington Post and CNET, but those reviews are over 2 years old, and now they have removed their script from trusted sources and only offer it directly from their site.

If you have any other tricks or tips, let me know in the comments!