How to stop getting Facebook’s Sponsored Stories & Social Ads

For anyone who follows my twitter feed (@SMMSocialLight) you’ll probably notice that I link to Mashable a lot. They bring up a lot of great info and I highly recommend everybody interested in Social Media follow them.

Recently they made a post called “How to Opt Out of Facebook Social Ads” which for some reason isn’t working for me. In the case that it might be happening for you as well, I’ve decided to toss up my own little tutorial.

Facebook is notorious for making us dig deep to get our privacy, but you can do it in a couple quick steps:

1) In the top right corner click the down arrow and then click on “Account Settings”

2) On the menu on the right, choose Facebook Ads:

3) There are two sections here: “Ads Shown by Third Parties” and “Ads and Friends” You can actually apply the same settings to both, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll just look at Ads and Friends – Click on “Edit Social Ads Setting”:

4) Finally, choose “No One” under Pair my Social Actions with Ads for.

Note that I don't have a sample ad showing, that's because I have Ad Blocking software on my browser.

5) Save changes, and you’re done! Like I said, you might want to do the same thing for the “Ads and Friends” Section.

  • Harper Ehrenburg

    I’ve done this, but sponsored stories still turn up in my feed… Curious.