New Admin Roles for Facebook Pages

Whoa, Look what Facebook has gone and done.

Facebook has created 5 different categories of Administrative Roles which can be applied to FB Pages. This is HUGELY important for businesses and Social Media Managers. You now have a different number of permissions assigned to you depending on the role you play in Facebook’s online presence:

The 5 new roles are: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, and Insight Analyst.

Let’s look at each of these in turn in reverse order, as every level up also has control of the functions that the person below them does.

At the bottom – Insight Analyst. This is a person who can basically look at the statistics of your page. They can see how many people are accessing it, what they are commenting on, etc. You would probably grant this level of access to someone who is trying to work for/with you.

Advertiser – This person can use the statistics mentioned above to actually create an ad. This person will probably work for you for a couple of quick one-off jobs.

Moderator – This is kind of the beginning level of Social Media Management work. When you work with Social Light Online, this would basically allow for the Bronze Package. The moderator can respond to messages, delete spam, and accept friend requests. In our Bronze Package we can actually do a little more, but it’s roughly there.

Content Creator - This is like Social Light Online’s Silver Package. In our Bronze package we would of course have access to creating new posts as the company, but it also starts to get into the deeper needs such as editing the page and possibly monitoring Apps.

Manager - The nice thing about this is that the company owner now has ultimate control. You no longer have to give over everything to your Social Media Manager. When your contract is up, or say you made a mistake and hired someone less reputable, you can simply remove them from the Admin pages completely. (By the way, should you come across that unfortunate situation, you can always hire me to swoop in and do damage control).

Overall, this is some really clever work by Facebook and should serve to take a lot of stress off of Business Owners. You do, however, have to know how to assign these roles, so if you’re a total technophobe, you might have to hand over managerial controls to someone you trust.